MegaPort-IX Auckland

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Short Name MegaIX Auckland
City Auckland
Country New Zealand
Organization type Commercial
Status Active
Media Type Ethernet
Managed by Megaport
Organization Megaport


Status Name Version Subnet MLPA Traffic Participants Established Traffic graph URL
Active MegaIX Auckland v4 IPv4 Available 36G 95 20 Nov 2014
Active MegaIX Auckland v6 IPv6 2001:dea:0:40::/64 Available 71 20 Nov 2014


Location Description
Datacom Orbit Dr


Vendor Model Location
No switches

Subnet Member Details (Hide)

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IPFQDNPingASNOrganizationPeering PolicyPrefixes Solutions Inc Networks Limited / Plan B Group Ltd New Zealand Degrees New Zealand Limited University of Technology Prolexic Broadband Ltd Limited Networks Limited ltd Communications NZ Communications Internet Limited Ltd Ltd Ltd NZ Limited Services Pty Ltd International B.V. Limited Communications Limited Net Limited Degrees New Zealand Limited Information Services Limited Internet Limited, Inc, Inc Business Management Group Ltd Clearing House Clearing House ISP Reach Services Ltd University of Technology Systems Ltd Networks Operations Pty Ltd Solutions Pty Ltd Ltd - IRD Networks Operations Pty Ltd NZ Limited Limited Lockwood (NZ) Ltd Group New Zealand Island Island Electric New Zealand Limited Communications NZ NZ Satellite Pty Limited I.T New Zealand Limited NZ - Interconnect Account Secure Layer Ltd Solutions Group Limited Consulting Limited Australia Pty Ltd EDUCATION ADVANCED NETWORK NEW ZEALAND Bridge Limited Online Security Limited Barr Limited of Social Development Networks Limited Communications Ltd Limited Ltd Limited Solutions

Subnet Member Details 2001:dea:0:40::/64 (Hide)

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IPFQDNPingASNOrganizationPeering PolicyPrefixes
No subnet details