Cookie Usage

Packet Clearing House uses cookies where necessary to ensure the convenient and secure operation of our website, but for no other purpose. Those cookies are not readable by third parties and contain no personal information. All our cookies:

These are the specific cookies we use with the following uses and durations:

  1. Session - This cookie sets no expiration date, so it expires when you close your browser. We use it during our registration process. All uses get this cookie as soon as they visit any page on our site, even if they are not registering. (Full name: PHPSESSID)
  2. Login - This cookie is used to denote a user is logged in. It lasts for 24 hours. Only users who have signed up and are actively logged in get this cookie. (Full name: PCHSession-www)
  3. Nonce - This cookie is used to protect our users from Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) on forms on our site. It does this by setting a cookie with a unique ID called a nonce. This ID is also submitted in the form. If the cookie nonce does not match the form nonce, or either is missing, the form submission is considered invalid. Only users who submit a form will get these cookies. They are sent per form and valid for 5 minutes. (Full name varies, but will be like: pch_nonce3f10636e6057f9c6f9a019 )
  4. Privacy - This cookie is to denote you have clicked "OK" when viewing the modal on our site saying "This site uses cookies". Users who don't click "OK" will not get this cookie. As we don't want to show this message again after you have clicked "OK", this cookie does not expire. (Full name: have-seen-privacy-notice)