Packet Clearing House Point of Presence Locations

As of September 2018, PCH has Points of Presence (PoPs) in 180 Internet Exchange Points. The 10 most recently added PoP locations are:

  1. Rosario, Argentina (CABASE-ROS)
  2. Moncton, Canada (MonctonIX)
  3. Kansas City, United States (KCIX)
  4. Denver, United States (IX-Denver)
  5. Boston, United States (Mass-IX)
  6. Harare, Zimbabwe (HIX)
  7. Portland, United States (NNENIX)
  8. Dallas, United States (Equinix IBX Dallas)
  9. Munich, Germany (DE-CIX Munich)
  10. Hamburg, Germany (DE-CIX Hamburg)

All 180 are shown on this map:

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