Regulatory & Policy

One of the principal means by which Packet Clearing House works to improve the stability and quality of the Internet is by furthering knowledge of Internet topology and economic concepts among members of the regulatory, finance, business development, and security communities in governments around the world. By assisting policy developers to understand how the Internet operates and how it improves economies, standards of living, and citizens' welfare and education, we believe that we can create a "network effect" by which simultaneous improvement of communications and technological education becomes not only self-sustaining within developing regions but mutually reinforcing as well. Critical to our success in this regard is the high degree to which we leverage and build on local expertise by supporting actors within their own communities through workshops, cross-training, knowledge-base development, and technological assistance.

Below is a list of activities, workshops and papers covering Internet regulatory and policy topics authored by PCH staff in the past years.

If you are interested in our work in this area, email us at info@pch.net. We'd like to hear from you!