Jamaica Internet Exchange Point

Short Name JAIXP
City Kingston
Country Jamaica
Organization type Governmental
Status Active
Media Type Ethernet
Managed by Jamaican Office of Utilities Regulation
Organization Office of Utilities Regulation, Jamaica
Comment Mailing list jaixp@our.org.jm


Status Name Version Subnet MLPA Traffic Participants Established Traffic graph URL
Active JAIXP IPv4 subnet IPv4 None 4 31 Aug 2014
Active JAIXP IPv6 Subnet IPv6 2001:504:3E::/64 None 3 31 Aug 2014


Location Description
235B Old Hope Road, Kingston, Jamaica Jamaica Internet Exchange Point


Vendor Model Location
Cisco Catalyst 4900M

Subnet Member Details (Hide)

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IPFQDNPingASNOrganizationPeering PolicyPrefixes JAMAICA0 JAMAICA LTD0

Subnet Member Details 2001:504:3E::/64 (Hide)

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IPFQDNPingASNOrganizationPeering PolicyPrefixes
2001:504:3e:0:0:0:0:50AS22306EGOV JAMAICA LTD0