Auckland Peering Exchange

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Short Name NZIX APE
City Auckland
Country New Zealand
Organization type Commercial
Status Active
Media Type Ethernet
Managed by Citylink
Organization Auckland Peering Exchange


Status Name Version Subnet MLPA Traffic Participants Established Traffic graph URL
Active APE IPv4 Unknown 12.3G 83 10 Aug 1999
Active APE IPv6 2001:07FA:0004::/48 Available 68 2007


Location Description
No addresses


Vendor Model Location
No switches

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IPFQDNPingASNOrganizationPeering PolicyPrefixes

Subnet Member Details 2001:07FA:0004::/48 (Hide)

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IPFQDNPingASNOrganizationPeering PolicyPrefixes
2001:7fa:4:c0cb:0:0:0:9a0aAS23755VITAL DATA LTD
2001:7fa:4:c0cb:0:0:0:9a0bAS24021APNIC RSRCH AND DEVLP
2001:7fa:4:c0cb:0:0:0:9a04AS23755VITAL DATA LTD
2001:7fa:4:c0cb:0:0:0:9a1aAS24005SAFENZ NTWK LTD
2001:7fa:4:c0cb:0:0:0:9a2aAS4770INET CO. OF NEW ZEALAND LTD
2001:7fa:4:c0cb:0:0:0:9a2bAS4770INET CO. OF NEW ZEALAND LTD
2001:7fa:4:c0cb:0:0:0:9a3eAS9433MASSEY UNIV
2001:7fa:4:c0cb:0:0:0:9a6cAS17435VODAFONE NEXT GENERATION SVC LTD
2001:7fa:4:c0cb:0:0:0:9a24AS7657VODAFONE NEW ZEALAND LTD
2001:7fa:4:c0cb:0:0:0:9a25AS7657VODAFONE NEW ZEALAND LTD
2001:7fa:4:c0cb:0:0:0:9a62AS23710INET SYS CONSORTIUM
2001:7fa:4:c0cb:0:0:0:9a63AS23710INET SYS CONSORTIUM
2001:7fa:4:c0cb:0:0:0:9a70AS9896VODAFONE NEW ZEALAND LTD
2001:7fa:4:c0cb:0:0:0:9a75AS18119ADVANCED COMPTR SOLN
2001:7fa:4:c0cb:0:0:0:9a78AS23655TWO DEGREES MOBILE LTD