Kenya Internet Exchange Point

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Short Name KIXP
City Nairobi
Country Kenya
Organization type Association
Status Active
Media Type Ethernet
Managed by TESPOK
Organization TESPOK


Status Name Version Subnet MLPA Traffic Participants Established Traffic graph URL
Active KenyaIX IPv4 Available 74.5G 78 Feb 2001
Active KIXP IPv6 IPv6 2001:43f8:0060::/48 Unknown 8 2008


Location Description
Bruce House, 14fl


Vendor Model Location
No switches

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IPFQDNPingASNOrganizationPeering PolicyPrefixes GroupOpen0 Telecommunications78 GroupOpen0 LTD0 Communications Ltd REVENUE AUTH1 REVENUE AUTH3 and Cloud Services GroupOpen0 SOLN0 SOLN0 Networks Kenya LimitedOpen400 Business (Kenya) Limited Data Limited1 SVC PROVIDERS ASSOC OF KENYA1 Optical NetworksOpen0 LimitedOpen0 TELECOM LTD0 NetworksOpen5 Africa LimitedOpen0 Clearing House AS42Open32 Global Registry ServicesOpen0 LTD0 SVC PROVIDERS ASSOC OF KENYA0 SVC PROVIDERS ASSOC OF KENYA0 Telecom / CN2Selective1 TelecomSelective COMM PTY LTD0 COMM PTY LTD0 ElectricOpen0 REVENUE AUTH1 Systems CorporationOpen0 LABS AFRICA LTD1 GLOBAL INC.0 SOLN LTD0 Limited0 Investments InternationalSelective68 CORP0 CORP0 Digital Media Services (EdgeCast Networks)Open0 CommunicationsOpen0 globalOpen TECHNOLOGIES LIMITEDOpen0 Mobile International307 NTWK INFO CNTR0 INTL PVT LTD16 LTD0 and Communications Technology AuthorityOpen5 STREAMING SVC INC.4 STREAMING SVC INC.7 PITCH LTD1 Streak Horizons Net TandaaOpen EMERGING SOLN LTD2 Fiber CommunicationsOpen4 NTWK4 NTWK LTD1 INC.1 Business KenyaOpen BBAND LTD1 POWER AND LIGHTING COMPANYOpen1 BankOpen6 FIBER LINKOpen4 COMM LTD5 EAST AFRICA LTD4 TECH LTD5 CONNECTOpen4 Bank Limited2 TELECOM LTD1 INTERNETOpen Internet Service Provider LTDOpen13 NET SOLN LTD2

Subnet Member Details 2001:43f8:0060::/48 (Hide)

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