Durban Internet eXchange

Website Statistics
Short Name DINX
City Durban
Country South Africa
Organization type Association
Status Active
Media Type Ethernet
Managed by
Organization Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA)

Subnets (Show All)

Status Name Version Subnet MLPA Traffic Participants Established Traffic graph URL
Active DINX IPv4 IPv4 Unknown 24.6G 70 14 Sep 2012
Unknown DINX IPv6 IPv6 2001:43f8:01f2::/64 Available 8 14 Sep 2012


Location Description
No addresses


Vendor Model Location
No switches

Subnet Member Details (Hide)

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IPFQDNPingASNOrganizationPeering PolicyPrefixes Route ServersOpen71437 Route ServersOpen71435 Route CollectorOpen0 Solutions, South AfricaSelective1627 SASelective Solutions 2Selective Clearing HouseOpen1 DigitalOpen4 voxtelecom.dinx.net.za.YesAS11845Vox TelecomOpen203 Inc AS63293Selective1 optinet-2.dinx.net.za.No (Pty) LtdOpen0, South AfricaOpen99 Education and Research Network of South AfricaOpen312 Pty LtdOpen12 LtdOpen52 Carrier ServicesOpen312 InternetSelective43 Online (Pty) LtdOpen4 Internet Solutions PTY LtdOpen Communications (Pty) LtdSelective2742 TELECOMSOpen3 (Pty) LtdSelective409 TelecomsOpen (Pty) LtdOpen23 Ideas Service Provider Pty LtdOpen3 PlatformsOpen0 InfracoOpen SA1 ElectricOpen123215 (Pty) LTDOpen12 ConnectOpen18 COMM PTY LTD0 TelecomsOpen3 UncappedOpen1 ICT CONSULTANTSOpen4 InternetOpen10 Squad ConnectOpen20 CC T/A iSPOTOpen1 Point TechnologiesOpen2 BROADBAND SERVICESOpen10 CommunicationsOpen1 Wireless SolutionsOpen2 fibreOpen4 (Pty) LtdOpen NSOpen1 SolutionzOpen5 HostingOpen14 IT (Pty) LtdOpen1 Digital VillagesOpen WirelessOpen3 TechOpen1 Service ProviderOpen56 Internet ServicesOpen3 (Pty) LtdOpen4 Communications NetworkOpen1 MunicipalityOpen3 BROADBAND SERVICESOpen7 TLD SupportOpen dotArpa ServicesOpen1