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Bill Woodcock is a pioneering Internet policy maker, who specializes in the creation, promotion, and implementation of economically efficient technologies to stimulate the growth of Internet traffic in both developed and developing countries. A founder and research director of Packet Clearing House, a non-profit research institute investigating Internet routing economics, Woodcock has also successfully operated several commercial ventures in the Internet connectivity and content distribution space.

Bill Woodcock entered the field of Internet routing research in 1989, while designing and operating an international multiprotocol service-provision backbone. In 1993-1994, Bill became one of the founders of Packet Clearing House (PCH), and has been responsible for the nonprofit institutionŐs routing data collection project since 1997. Since that time, he has directly participated in the establishment of over three dozen public Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

Bill was a board member of the ISP/Consortium, 1998-1999, and is currently a Trustee of ARIN. As Research Director for PCH he is a current or former PCH representative to APIA, ARIN, APNIC, RIPE, CAIDA, NATOA and the ISP/C. Bill speaks regularly at AfNOG, APIA, APNIC, APRICOT, ARIN, ISOC/INET, NordNOG, RIPE, IEPG, IETF, ISMA and NANOG meetings. He currently serves on the program committees of NANOG, SANOG, PAM, and APRICOT.

Bill chaired the AppleTalk Tunneling Architectures working group of the AppleTalk Networking Forum from 1993-1994. In the course of 1995 projects for Oracle and the root DNS servers, he pioneered IGP and EGP-based topological load balancing techniques using IP Anycast technology. This research, first presented at Montreal IEPG (June, 1996), has provided the basis upon which all new root DNS servers have been deployed since the late 1990s. In addition to this protocol development work, Bill has worked with Cisco and Agilent on the specification and development of new networking hardware products. Bill was the principal lobbyist in the successful passage of California state anti-spam legislation in 1998. From 1996-1988, he was moderator of the Fidonet Network Administration echo. Mr. Woodcock has director roles in four companies in the areas of satellite communications, MP3 content distribution, WWW content news publishing, and domain name service provision.

Bill's published work includes a number of PCH white-papers, the Multicast DNS, IP Anycast, and Operator Requirements of Infrastructure Management Methods IETF drafts, the McGraw-Hill book Networking the Macintosh, and the ANF AppleTalk Tunneling Architectures Working Group Report. He has published many articles in Network World, MacWorld, and MacWEEK.