Steve Feldman
Dorian Kim
Bill Woodcock

Packet Clearing House's technical advisory board sets our strategic direction, provides the expertise to make specific projects possible, and drives them forward. Each of the members of our technical board has built major Internet exchanges or backbone networks, and together they provide a basis of operational experience that spans more than twenty years of Internet development around the world.

Geoff Huston
Bill Manning
Dave Meyer
Andrew Partan
Lance Tatman
Cathy Wittbrodt
Bill Fenner
Bill Woodcock
Pindar Wong
Richard Lamb

Packet Clearing Houses staff provides the continuity and support for our diverse projects, maintaining our network and data collection operations, archiving and reporting our research and data, and running our San Francisco business office.

Michael LoBue, Executive Director
Bill Woodcock, Research Director
Bevil Wooding, Outreach Manager
Kabindra Shrestha, Senior Systems Engineer
Bob Arasmith, Systems Director
Jeri Linder, Provisioning Engineer
Peter Rowland, Office Manager
GaŽl HernŠndez, Outreach Specialist
Robert Martin-LegŤne, Internet Infrastructure Specialist
Alexis Fasquel, Back-End Engineer
Ashley Jones, Techno Geek
Ashwin Jacob Mathew, Internet Infrastructure Researcher
Bronwyn Lewis, Project Manager & Provisioning Engineer
Chatur Ratna Shakya, Systems Engineer
Dibya Khatiwada, Peering Coordinator
John Todd, Senior Technologist
Marco Frigino, Programming and Database Administration
Melanie De Lenne, Data-Entry
Mohammed Elalj, Front-End Engineer
Nishal Goburdhan, Internet Infrastructure Analyst
Ross Stapleton-Gray, Research Program Manager
Rustan Shrestha, Systems Engineer

Packet Clearing House, like many non-profits, is greatly indebted to the dedicated volunteers who step in to make many projects possible. We can list only a few of the generous individuals who have contributed their time and energy.

Rohan Mahy, VoIP engineering
Rick Wesson, programming and database analysis
Sean Donelan, project coordination
Antony Antony, exchange point database
Merike Kaeo, security policy development

Steve Feldman, Sean Donelan, Sean McCreary, Andrew Partan, Duane Wessels. NANOG 23, Oakland, California.