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Board of Directors

Steve Feldman Chairman of the Board
Bill Woodcock Executive Director
Sylvie LaPerriere Director
Mark Tinka Director
Greg Akers Director



Bill Woodcock Executive Director
Bill Woodcock

Bill Woodcock is the executive director of Packet Clearing House, the international non-governmental organization that builds and supports critical Internet infrastructure, including Internet exchange points and the core of the domain name system. Since entering the Internet industry in 1985, Bill has helped establish more than two hundred Internet exchange points. In 1989, Bill developed the anycast routing technique that now protects the domain name system. In 1998 he was one of the principal drivers of California 17538.4, the world’s first anti-spam legislation. Bill was principal author of the Multicast DNS and Operator Requirements of Infrastructure Management Methods IETF drafts. In 2002 he co-founded INOC-DBA, the security-coordination hotline system that interconnects the network operations centers of more than three thousand ISPs around the world. And in 2007, Bill was one of the two international liaisons deployed by NSP-Sec to the Estonian CERT during the Russian cyber-attack. In 2011, Bill authored the first survey of Internet interconnection agreements, as input to the OECD’s analysis of the Internet economy. Now, Bill’s work focuses principally on the security and economic stability of critical Internet infrastructure.

Phone +1 415 831 3103
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Sean Barton Chief Strategy Officer
Sean Barton

Sean Barton is the Chief Strategy Officer at PCH. A seasoned industry professional with a technology background working for and with startups as well as Fortune 500 Companies. Sean’s career spans more than 30 years. Throughout his career he has held positions with technically driven companies such as Fifth Third Bank, Verizon, Level 3, Contingent Network Services and Riverbed Technologies.
In the beginning of his career, Sean started out building Local Area Networks and went on to build and support Wide Area Networks, Help Desks, Network Operations Centers and a Medical Videoconferencing Network for Ethicon-Endo Surgery. From here Sean advanced into telecommunications and transitioned into Data Center Operations. In addition to his role at Packet Clearing House, Sean also serves as Chief Operating Officer at EdgePresence, owner operator of a national multi-tenant edge data center network.
Sean has a successful track record as a sales engineer, a sales executive and as a well-respected leader. He brings people together, builds teams, inspires positive company cultures, increases revenue and market share; and is dedicated to customer success and providing the right solutions to meet and exceed customer needs.

Mimi Rauschendorf Business Manager
Mimi Rauschendorf

Mimi Rauschendorf is the Business Manager for PCH, handling finances and contracts. She has a Masters in Communications from the Technical University of Berlin. She is also a filmmaker, who works as an artist-in-residence at UC Davis, using filmmaking as a therapeutic art form to empower hospitalized children.


Phone +1 415 831 3108
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Moez Chakchouk Director of Policy and Government Affairs
Andrea Cima Operations Manager


Kabindra Shrestha Network Director
Chatur Ratna Shakya Systems Engineer
Rustan Shrestha Systems Engineer
Drew Webster Provisioning Engineer

Drew is a person with a keen understanding of organization, a passion for order and a desire for clear communication.

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Jeri McNeill Provisioning Engineer
Jeri McNeill

Jeri Linder (McNeill) is a PCH provisioning engineer. Her focus is on private interconnects and transit. She began working in the Internet Service Provider industry in 1997, and may be the world’s only second-generation packet-switching provisioning engineer. She lives and works in Sonoma, California, USA, attached to PCH’s Berkeley office.

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Bob Arasmith Systems Director
Rob Tate DNS Service Manager
Rob Tate

Rob Tate is PCH’s DNS Services Manager, responsible for maintaining PCH’s relationships with the DNS community and our DNS and DNSSEC constituents, for our participation in the DNS standards-development process, and for the ongoing development of our unique FIPS 140-2 Level 4 DNSSEC cryptographic key management platform.

Before joining PCH in 2020, Rob spent five years with CIRA, the Canadian national registry.

Rob lives in Gatineau, Canada. When he is not behind his computer, you can find him playing chess or restoring vintage cars.

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Robin McNeill Senior Engineer, Internal Operations
Marco Frigino Senior Engineer, Database Operations
Marco Frigino

Marco has over 40 years of software development experience, starting with a well-loved Apple ][ in 1978. At PCH, he maintains various applications which collect and convert a variety of internet datasets into useful databases for statistics, research and display on PCH's website, as well managing the website.

Prior to joining PCH in 2014, Marco worked on all sorts of software projects, including video streaming, GPS and street mapping, mobile phones, user interfaces, flight scheduling, fonts and typography, gaming, device drivers, and other stuff he can't remember.

He is based in Vancouver, Washington


Nishal Goburdhan Internet Infrastructure Analyst
Nishal Goburdhan

Nishal is an Internet Analyst at Packet Clearing House (PCH), working primarily in the Middle East and African region. He has established, worked with, and continuously supports Network Operator Groups (NOGs) across the globe, promoting self-development through the Internet.

Nishal is also the general manager for the community-run Internet Exchange Points (INXes) for South Africa. Both from a technical and policy background, Nishal has been involved in developing interconnections and Internet Exchange Points across the globe, and now adds those years of experience to Africa’s largest peering points.

He’s been CTO, and Senior Project Manager: Global Infrastructure, for AfriNIC, the Regional Internet Registry for Africa, and has worked in several roles at Internet Solutions, South Africa's largest corporate ISP, growing their infrastructure to a multinational service provider, operating across 4 continents during his 12 year working stint there.

Nishal is passionate about transferring knowledge to developing countries. He has been a long-term volunteer instructor for the African Network Operators Group (AfNOG) for more than a decade, and routinely teaches at NOGs around the globe.

Phone +1 415 831 3104
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Dibya Khatiwada Peering Coordinator
Dibya Khatiwada

Dibya holds a masters degree in Telecommunication Engineering and works as a peering coordinator and data analyst. His primary task is to help organizations peer with PCH's root DNS node. His favorite part of this role is the outreach and meeting / writing emails to people from around the world.

Prior to working at PCH, he was an administrator at the Asian Institute of Technology, where he planned and managed various kinds networks and services. He also served as a network engineer at Nepal Research and Education Network to start his career and he is a general member of the same organization currently. Apart from work, he participates at regional and national level Internet conferences and teaches at several workshops voluntarily. Dibya is also a program committee member of South Asian Network Operators Group (SANOG) and Nepalese network operators group (npNOG).

Dibya is happy to live and work in his hometown of Kathmandu, Nepal. He considers this a big accomplishment as it allows him to be close to family. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, reading, and sports.

Phone +1 415 831 3110
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Sara Alamin Outreach Coordinator
Sara Alamin

Sara provides assistance and support to IX operators and contributes to PCH's network expansion by explaining the benefits of hosting a DNS node at Internet exchange points

Prior to joining PCH, she was a network and systems engineer for SudREN, the Sudanese Research and Education Network, and before that, for the Nile Center for Technology Research. Sara is an active supporter of Network Operations Groups, being the co-founder of the Sudanese NOG, and a frequent speaker and trainer on IPv6, DNS, DNSSEC, and network scalability at AfNOG, APRICOT, and MENOG. She has an MSc. in Internet Engineering, and a BSc. in Electronic Engineering.

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John Todd Senior Technologist

John has been working with the Internet since the 1980’s across a wide range of technologies including VoIP, massively multiplayer games, ISPs, satellite communications, and public directory systems such as the DNS, primarily with a focus in operations management and product/project management.

His role at PCH is supervising projects involving code development, operations, and partner relationships to build extensions of existing platforms or create new offerings as part of the PCH portfolio.

Hobbies include managing his farm, Raspbery Pi/Arduino hacks, and fabricating with metal in his shop. He has kept his own ASN for several decades, and keeps a varied network full of bleeding- and trailing-edge technologies. He resides in the rolling hillsides of Oregon though is found in the Bay Area or in the window seat of an aircraft for a significant portion of his hours.

Phone +1 415 831 3123
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Professional Services

Steve Ryan Outside Counsel
Rob Kish Accountant


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Bevil Wooding
Gaurab Upadhaya
Gael Hernandez
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