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Board of Directors

Steve Feldman Chairman of the Board
Bill Woodcock Executive Director
Dorian Kim Non-executive Director



Bill Woodcock Executive Director
Bill Woodcock

Bill Woodcock is the executive director of Packet Clearing House, the international non-governmental organization that builds and supports critical Internet infrastructure, including Internet exchange points and the core of the domain name system. Since entering the Internet industry in 1985, Bill has helped establish more than two hundred Internet exchange points. In 1989, Bill developed the anycast routing technique that now protects the domain name system. In 1998 he was one of the principal drivers of California 17538.4, the world’s first anti-spam legislation. Bill was principal author of the Multicast DNS and Operator Requirements of Infrastructure Management Methods IETF drafts. In 2002 he co-founded INOC-DBA, the security-coordination hotline system that interconnects the network operations centers of more than three thousand ISPs around the world. And in 2007, Bill was one of the two international liaisons deployed by NSP-Sec to the Estonian CERT during the Russian cyber-attack. In 2011, Bill authored the first survey of Internet interconnection agreements, as input to the OECD’s analysis of the Internet economy. Now, Bill’s work focuses principally on the security and economic stability of critical Internet infrastructure.

Phone +1 415 831 3103
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Peter Rowland Business Director
Phone +1 415 831 3102
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Ross Stapleton-Gray Research Program Manager
Phone +1 415 831 3113
Mimi Rauschendorf Business Manager
Phone +1 415 831 3102


Kabindra Shrestha Network Director
Chatur Ratna Shakya Systems Engineer
Rustan Shrestha Systems Engineer
Jeri Linder Provisioning Engineer
Bronwyn Lewis Engineer
Phone +1 415 831 3119
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Neil MacDonald Provisioning Engineer


Bob Arasmith Systems Director
Bill Woodcock
Phone +1 415 831 3106
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Ashley Jones Senior Web and Tools Programmer
Robert Martin-Legène DNS Infrastructure Specialist
Marco Frigino Database Programmer
Phone +1 415 831 3117


Bevil Wooding Outreach Specialist
Bevil Wooding

Mr. Bevil Wooding is an Internet Strategist and the Caribbean Outreach Manager for Packet Clearing House. Mr. Wooding is a strong advocate in developing countries for the adoption of the Internet and internet-based technologies as a mechanism for economic and social transformation and is involved in numerous national outreach and development initiatives. He regularly facilitates regional and international seminars, workshops on ICT, Innovation, Policy and Internet Governance and Internet Exchange Point (IXP) Development.

Mr. Wooding is a member of the CARICOM Regional ICT Steering Committee and one of the founding members of the Caribbean Network Operators Group, CaribNOG, a dedicated community of network operators and stakeholders committed to providing a regional forum for sharing technical experiences, building technical capacity and advocating relevant technical models and solutions for the region. He is one of the chief architects in the design and implementation of the successful Caribbean ICT Roadshow, an initiative aimed at increasing the level of public awareness of the role of information and communications technology in community empowerment and regional development.

In 2010 Mr. Wooding was designated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) as a Trusted Community Representative and entrusted, as one of seven Recovery Key Share Holders for the Domain Name Server Security Extensions (DNSSEC) protocol that protects domain names on the Internet.

Phone +1 415 831 3116
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Nishal Goburdhan Internet Infrastructure Analyst
Phone +1 415 831 3104
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Dibya Khatiwada Peering Coordinator


Ashwin Jacob Mathew Internet Infrastructure Researcher
John Todd Senior Technologist
Bruce Koball Electrical Engineer
Alexis Fasquel Engineer

Professional Services

Steve Ryan, Partner, McDermott Will & Emery Outside Counsel
Rob Kish Accountant


Bart Stidham
Gaurab Upadhaya
John Savageau
Kim Davies
Michael Sinatra
Mohammed Elalj
Pindar Wong
Rick Wesson
Rob Seastrom
Rohan Mahy
Sam Paltridge
Sean Donelan
Stephen Stuart